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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now, is this the deal i would have preferred? no. we have a deal. but the debate over the nation's debt is far from over. what congress must do today to avoid a historic default. and a deadly double shooting in richmond. why police are having trouble putting the pieces together from this case. good morning, everyone. it's monday, august 1. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger. time now 4:30. let's start off with a quick look at traffic and weather. it was an eh-eh weekend. sunday was a little -- hm. >> not happy with the weather? >> it was so so. [ laughter ]
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>> i liked the heat. it's great. >> cool and cloudy this morning, temperatures running well below average, 5 to 10 degrees only 80 today in concord instead of mid-90s. cooler in san jose at oakland. oakland 69, san francisco 65. we'll have a full look at the forecast in a bit but gianna has traffic first. >> not a bad start to your monday morning drive. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is okay. look out for construction as you work your way out of marin. details on that coming right up but right now back to you. >> thank you. it is almost a done deal. the president and congressional leaders agree on a debt ceiling deal that also includes spending cuts. jay dow reports that plan still needs to pass the house and senate. reporter: congress could vote today on a plan to raise the debt ceiling and pull the nation back from the brink of default. president obama and congressional leaders announced
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the historic agreement sunday night after months of contentious debate and back door wrangling. >> it will allow us to avoid default, pay our bills and reducing our deficit in a responsible way. >> reporter: the proposal would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion to get the government through the end of 2012 and up to $3 trillion. it doesn't include the tax increases president obama had wanted. house speaker john boehner backed the proposal in a conditions call to republican lawmakers last night. both senate leaders vendorsed the plan, as well. >> there is now a framework to review that will ensure significant cuts in washington spending. >> to pass this settlement we'll need the support of democrats and republicans in the house and senate. there is no way either party in either chamber can do this
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alone. >> reporter: the proposal's fate is not certain in the house. >> some or none of us may be able to support it but we'll wait and see. >> reporter: for a debate down to the wire the outcome could come down to a few votes. jay dow, cbs news, washington. >> this agreement involved compromises on both side. conservatives wanted more spending cuts. liberals happy with the president's concessions. sharon chin has more on how people are reacting. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know which california programs are targeted for cuts but paper will be spread all around. child care, social services and education some of the california programs funded with $79 billion in federal grants. one program likely to get hit, medicare. it's an expensive entitlement that serves 45 million elderly. during the political wrangling democrats argue the government needs money, that is raise
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taxes, republicans said no. both parties are rounding up votes for a compromise. cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. >> i'm sure part of this will probably include changing some of those things, changes to the tax law. but for the time being appears that we are looking at cuts. >> reporter: meanwhile, people have plenty to say about the political fight over the debt ceiling. >> i know what a debt ceiling feels like and it's not a comfortable thing and i wish they would take care of their debt ceiling so i can take care of mine. >> i can't stand to listen to another word about it. it's ridiculous. the debt ceiling was raise the 17 times during the reagan administration. it was raise the 7 times during the bush administration. >> reporter: most people we talked to said they are frustrated by the weeks of debate and political theater. many are relieved it's over. now they want to know how much it's going to hurt.
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>> sharp sharon in san francisco, thank you. -- sharon chin in san francisco, it be. markets around the world ended on a high note on word that a debt ceiling compromise was worked out. the nikkei closed up 1%. the dow and s&p futures are also up indicating a possible opening this morning. a developing story right now. a woman is dead and man seriously wounded after a shooting overnight in richmond. our anser hassan is in richmond where police are trying to piece together what happened. >> reporter: good morning. still a few details at this time. but it is the fourth deadly weekend in richmond. we know two people were involved, a woman found dead from gunshot wounds. the second is a male adult. we don't know the relationship. he was shot in the head. they crashed into a large garbage canister in this
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apartment complex where the woman lived. one of the men who i spoke with a neighbor who knew the woman says that she kept to herself, quiet, don't believe she was involved in gangs but few people seemed to know who the man was that she was with. this is the fourth state weekend violence in richmond. that brings the total to 11 dead in the last five weeks. few details on the cause of the shooting but richmond police have said in the past there's been situations between two rival gangs in north and central richmond leading to much of the violence here. but few details at this time. we'll have more through the morning. >> thank you, anser hassan live this morning in richmond. a violent weekend in oakland. police are investigating three murders that happened within just four hours of each other. a 16-year-old boy was shot just before midnight saturday in the 9300 block of sunny side
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street. he later died at highland hospital. about three hours later two more people died. one was a 26-year-old woman found shot inside a car at 30th and telegraph. she died at the hospital. and a 21-year-old man brought to highland hospital died of gunshot wounds a few minutes later. none of the shootings is believed to be related. this brings the number of oakland homicide to 72. there were 52 at this point last year. a bale hearing set for today for one of the men accused of beating giants fan bryan stow in los angeles. lewis sanchez and marvin norwood are being held on 500,000 bail. a bail reduction hearing denied lowering it for norwood. the woman accused of bay areaizing the san francisco hotel -- burglarizing the san francisco hotel room of alex
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trebek today will be arraigned today. he woke up to find 56-year-old lucinda moyers stealing things from his room last year. he chased her, tearing his achilles' tendon in the process. she faces felony burglary charges. two cal grads jailed in iran should learn this week if they will be freed on the second anniversary of their arrest yesterday. shane bauer and josh fattal were in court for a final hearing yesterday. the judge will announce if they will be released by the end of the week. josh fattal and shane bauer were arrested with sarah shourd while hiking along the border of iraq. shourd was released last september. if he use a.c. transit be prepared to pay more. starting today, the basic adult fare is going up by 10 cents. the fares for youth, seniors and disabled are going up by a nickel. this is the first in a series of fare hikes planned at regular end vallas over the next 10 years. the initial increase is expected to boost the agency's
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annual revenues by $2.4 million. and parking fees are going up at three parking station. the daily fee is going up from $1 to $2 at the south san francisco, san bruno and millbrae stations. and monthly reserve permit fees are going up from $30 to $42 a month. the fee hikes are part of a policy approved by bart directors to adjust parking fees according to demand. everything is going up. >> i know. everything is getting more expensive. >> for people who ran in the san francisco marathon was perfect weather. >> good weather for runners. you wouldn't want hot conditions out there. we'll continue to stay cool especially today, plenty of cloud cover out there this morning. we are clear in some of the farther inland spots but the rest of the bay area is a little gray. those clouds keeping temperatures pretty consistent neighborhood to neighborhood. 58 in oakland, 57 in livermore, 60 in san jose, 56 in napa and 55 in santa rosa. these inland spots should be
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hitting mid-90s by today. we are warming up to the 80s inland. definitely cooler than average. 69 high in oakland today, 74 for redwood city, napa at 79, san francisco only making it to 65 today. extended forecast showing some good news though if you like that warmer weather. we are seeing a slight warm up into tuesday and wednesday the warmest day of the workweek and then a gradual cooling trend for thursday and friday. plenty of sunshine though making our way through the workweek and starting to see more clouds fill in for your weekend. that's a look at your forecast. over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> lots of roadwork out there this morning. bay bridge heads up westbound from the cantilever section to treasure island we have a couple of lanes blocked until 5:00. elsewhere across live look not bad minor delays for construction. roadwork on the lower deck of the bay bridge approaching the
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skyway various lanes blocked until 6:00. roadwork as well as you head southbound and northbound 101 mostly between 37 and atherton. various lanes blocked in that area and that's causing a slowdown once you hit the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you. a mom goes head to head with the tsa over her daughter's patdown. the confrontation that landed her in cuffs. plus this. desperate for a few dollars? the plan to push trash can poachers in the east bay. >> and it's not easy being green. the paint problem causing a hazard for bay area bicyclists. ,,
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be beer ,, ,,,,,,,,
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that was once part of the line that exploded in san bruno last year pg&e will resume work this week digging up an abandoned pipe that was once part of the line that exploded in san bruno last year. that work was halted saturday
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when neighbors and crews smelled gas. the utility says the smell was an odorant, not natural gas. the pipe has been removed for inspection. it is a sat sign of the times. people save -- it's a sad sign of the times. people scavenging through trash cans. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: they say one man's trash is one man's treasure but in one county they don't want anyone stealing in the cans. >> we hear them in the early- morning hours going through the garbage. >> reporter: she is one of many hoping that a new proposal for unincorporated alameda county will make it a fineable offense to poach recyclables from bins on the street, the cash cow for people who turn in bottles and cans for nickels and dimes, for others it's an annoyance. >> it bothered me. it's like get out, get a job,
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get on your own two feet. >> they throw the garbage on the sidewalk and in the street. >> reporter: and that's the many reason for the proposal according to one county supervisor. >> hopefully the education piece which will be in multiple languages will help people to understand this is not something they should do but i am hoping that the chefs especially for the big poachers will be able to enforce it. >> reporter: $100 fine the first time, $200 the second and $500 for each additional violation. technically it's theft from waste management but some think that's harsh. >> you put that out there to be taken by the waste management people. so to me it's a whatever, you know? >> let those people get a job, i'm sorry. >> reporter: this proposal has a lot of hurdles before it would become law including a citizens advisory committee and public protection committee before it goes to the full board. in castro valley, cbs 5, anne makovec. some bay area homeowners may have to start paying for fire protection n parts of
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marin the state is primarily responsible for fire protection and prevention but homeowners in the area may have to pay an annual fee up to $150 with budget shortfalls. it will take effect in january if approved by the state board next month. san francisco green painted bike lanes are getting a makeover. there have been several bike accidents on the lanes because they are slippery when wet. they are even blamed for an accident involving a motorcycle officer. city crews are using a new paint mixed with sand to make the lanes less slippery. 4:46. it's mom versus the tsa. how a woman ended up in jail after interfaring with her teen daughter's patdown. >> and call it my big fat geek wedding. the unusual minister who married two people. >> and if you are going out of sfo, we are cleared for take- off later on this afternoon. going to hit a high of 68 today. should see mostly sunny skies stoffel cooler for the start of
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august. chicago though today definitely seeing warm weather making it to 90 there. we'll see mostly sunny skies. continuing to see warm weather as we make our way to the eastern seaboard, new york 92, showers and thunderstorms later on. full look at your bay area forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the top prosecutor in egypt has ordered former president hosni mubarak to appear at a trial starting on wednesday. he made the announcement yesterday. the appearance will be shown live on egyptian television. he faces charges including the killing of hundreds of protestors earlier this year as well as corruption. if convicted he could get the death penalty. the fbi has a new lead in the db cooper case. according to the seattle times authorities have tracked down a credible person with helpful information and an item with fingerprints. that item is heading them to an fbi lab in virginia. cooper disappeared after
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jumping out of a hijacked plane with $200,000 nearly 40 years ago. ' mother is under arrest after protesting the way security agents were treating her daughter. police at national international airport in tennessee slapped the cuffs on andrea abbott during the security patdown of her 14-year- old daughter. airport police say that the woman became belligerent. but her lawyer says she didn't do anything illegal. >> she told tsa and the police officers that she just thought it was ridiculous what they were doing. and then in the end, she was basically arrested for expressing her opinion. >> her lawyer says she was arrested after an officer told her to "shut up" and an argument ensued. seeing plenty of cloud cover out there this morning, pretty mild start to your workweek. temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now because of the clouds. seeing mostly cloudy conditions inland and some clouds along the bay and we are seeing some
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patchy fog as well along the coastline. clearing out nicely by this afternoon in those inland location. seeing mostly sunny skies, same story in the bay, cooler than average inland. coastline cool and low clouds throughout the day. this area of high pressure that's been in the picture for the last several days will continue and we'll see a similar pattern same story for the trough we are seeing that will keep temperatures consistent. today temperatures in northern california cool. no triple digits today. 88 high in sacramento, 97 redding, 79 lake tahoe so partly cloudy conditions there, about a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms in yosemite.
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danville topping out at 80 as well as dublin. 85 brentwood. we were mid-90s last week there. 69 high in oakland. 28 pleasant hill. 65 richmond. san rafael topping out at 74. 83 fairfield. san francisco 65. wednesday the warmest day of the week. cooling off again after that so plenty of sun inland, cloud cover at the coast into the afternoons all week. that's a look at your forecast. over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> thank you. let's go live to the south bay now. 101 in san jose not bad. this is right around capitol expressway. so far, so good on the main lines of 101. no delays to report. but on the maps we have a trouble spot on one of the off- ramps. southbound 101, we have an overnight accident. this was a fuel spill in the road so they are cleaning it up. off-ramp shut down from south
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101. they are saying at least until 5:15, 5:30 so we'll keep you updated on that. not affecting the main lines, 101 good in both directions. the rest of the south bay accident-free no delays on 280. we have mass transit delays to report. ace train number someone running about five minutes behind --'s train number 1 is running about five minutes -- ace train number one is running about 5 minutes behind schedule. other mass transit is on time. if you are going to the lower deck of the bay bridge roadwork approaching the skyway slowing you down a bit but overall traffic nice across both directions of the bay bridge. the lower deck roadwork will wrap up around 6 a.m. and north 880 from oak to 980 various lanes blocked until 6:00. lots of green on the roads no major snags there. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you.
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major changes are soon coming to health insurance plans. today the feds are announcing new guidelines that will ensure free better control. plans would cover women's sprintive services without charging a co-pay. co-insurance or a deductible. for more on today's health news, here's terrell brown. >> reporter: pregnant women who take dha supplements may be protecting their newborns from colds. a study from emery university found babies whose mothers took supplements of the omega-3 fatty acid while pregnant had fewer colds and less illnesses in the first few months of life. researchers may find out why blacks are more suseptible to asthma. a study reports that scientists have discovered a mutation in african-americans that could raise risk for the disease. researchers say the findings offer a promising first step in identifying the genetic causes of asthma. the secret to eating less
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may be chewing more. a new study found people who chew food 40 instead of 15 times ate 12% fewer calories. a higher level is stem stimulated that curb appetite. terrell brown, cbs 5. it's hard enough to run a marathon, but imagine doing it with food poisoning. >> imagine doing it at all. >> i know. an upset stomach did nothing to slow the winner of this weekend's san francisco marathon. 37-year-old michael wardigan of virginia finished 7 minutes ahead of the second place finisher. the night before wardian got sick after eating a bad burrito. the first place female runner was emily field of los angeles. she had a team of two hours and 50 minutes. congratulations. >> have you ever done a half
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marathon or full marathon? >> no. >> but thanks for asking. >> sure. [ laughter ] 4:56 now. a first-of-its-kind wedding for a couple of computer geeks in text. the minister was a monitor. >> computer voice: you may now share your vows with one another. >> miguel hanson and diana wesley said their vows in front of a 30" monitor. they say there was nothing traditional about their wedding but the human touch was still needed. they had to have their license signed by a justice of the peace after they said their vows to the computer. >> that's neat. >> then get on the local news. why not. all right. it is 4:56. the president doesn't love it. but we do have a deal. >> the pressure is on congress now just one day before america defaults on its debt. we'll have a live report coming from washington on what is next.
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we'll tell you what that deal could mean for california. that's coming up. we are live on the scene in richmond of another fatal shooting. one woman shot in the head, another man in the hospital. we'll have that story coming right up. ,, be out there! be out there! [female announcer] time was, kids did what came naturally, spending free time running barefoot through the grass, wading knee deep in streams, climbing to the tallest branch. but today, american kids are more likely found texting, watching tv, or gazing at a computer screen. they spend more than seven hours in front of electronic media. something essential has been lost. childhood's connection to the natural world.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now, is this the deal i would have preferred? no. >> a debt deal now in the hands of congress. how the world is reacting to news of a breakthrough. and a woman found dead, a man shot in the head, what police are learning about a deadly double shooting in richmond. >> good morning on this monday, august 1. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. let's check traffic and weather. here's kristy seifkin. >> seeing plenty of cloud out there this morning and consistent temperatures in the 50s and 60s, definitely cool for today only making it to the mid-80s in our warmest spots. a full look at the forecast in a


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